“An amazing handy go-to guide on living a more meaningful, compassionate, and mindful life! This book is excellent!! I appreciate the way that all of the tips are broken down by the alphabet – so clever! And the suggestions are spot-on and thoughtful. I am a licensed mental health counselor and would HIGHLY recommend this book to my own clients; however, I have so enjoyed reading it myself. I love that every chapter is concise, easy to understand, and accessible; you can start reading it from any chapter and connect immediately with everything that is written. With topics ranging from self-love to forgiveness, to even a mention of angel guides, it’s easy to find solace in this book. It also invokes some great introspection, something I find that I myself don’t do often enough.

The author’s approach is very compassionate and supportive and I found that I was able to have a meaningful take-away from every part of this book. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to reconnect with themselves and to promote their own wellbeing!”



“Wonderful book. This book is very thoughtful and well written. I really appreciate the gentle support and encouragement by the author to delve into self reflection. Complex topics are made clear and easy to comprehend. A great tool to help you create change in your own life.”



“So useful! I enjoyed the way this book was split up into 26 sections using each letter of the alphabet as a guide. The book is a mix of practical advice, thoughtful personal examples, and meaningful/actionable exercises. It’s great to read through cover to cover or to pick relevant sections to skip to. It’s a book I go back to again and again when I need perspective or solid advice on how to navigate life’s difficulties. Highly recommend!”



“Warning – It works!!! Don’t let big pharma hear about this book! This works, Thank you to the author. Simple truths that move blocked energy and something to keep with you as a priceless reminder. A must to forward to family and friends! The exercises alone are powerful!!”


Shifting: Tools and Tips from A to Z is an alphabetical journey for inner reflection, centeredness, and healing. Presented simply and with a message of trusting in oneself, the author gently gives guidance in how to tap into your own ability to transform your life. Shifting offers insights into changing patterns, habits, and approaches to everyday living to shift into a more balanced and empowered way of being.

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