Exploring Me

A unique combination of guided journal and coloring book that encourages self-discovery as it sparks your creativity. As a guided journal, it takes you on a journey via thought-provoking writing prompts to expand your self-understanding and explore your perspectives. The beautiful illustrations to color help you connect with your inner child as you relax and have fun. Why just have a guided journal when you can have a coloring book too!



It’s a self help book without being a typical self help book. Rather than speak at you in written words, it instead, invites you to speak and connect with yourself and follow your intuition.

~ J.W.

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I was so happy to discover this beautiful guided journal! The illustrations are heartwarming and the prompts will inspire creativity and are a tool to get in touch with your inner child. Soulful, thoughtful and meaningful. I love this book as a travel companion for a soul-searching kind of getaway.

~ Sean V.

I’ve read many self help books over the years but this is different because it doesn’t tell you what to think like other books. It really made me think and reflect on my beliefs. The chapters like Believe, Transform, Empower and Self Talk were so good that I just started writing and bought some colored pencils to color the pictures as I reflected on my beliefs. I was surprised that I was even a little emotional.





To up your self-care quotient in the new year, you’ll love this enlightening guided journal and coloring book. Not only does coloring make you embrace your inner kid, but coupled with thought-provoking writing prompts, your creative juices will be flowing like never before.


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