Wow. This book really connected with me! From the first line of the intro – I was hooked and pulled right in. The author’s voice is so honest and beautiful; sharing stories, wisdom, trials and heart ache from such an authentic place.

The author creatively details musings through every letter of the alphabet, and each story/letter is unique. I loved the poetry of Q as if she was speaking to that higher, wiser, all-knowing part of herself, and knowing that she indeed held all the answers all along.

At times I felt like I was listening to Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City) tell stories of exes and lost love….and giving now-wiser advice of what not to do next time. And other times, it felt like my own voice, affirming life lessons and guiding me through the storm, reminding me of my own journey through love and loss. I choked up many times throughout – especially in B and D.

I highly recommend this book for the young and old, especially women in their teens and twenties, who are looking for guidance and answers to life’s tricky lessons and questions.

Musings captures an honesty of spirit and is so relatable and wise in its reflections. Thank you for writing it… I can see how so many others, besides just me, will be deeply affected, touched and healed by your words.



It’s not often one finds such an engaging and comforting read. The author’s commentaries on what are clearly autobiographical experiences are simple yet thoughtful and easily relatable without being condescending. It’s not a bedtime read, rather a wake up and stretch as the sun breaks through your bedroom window kind of book. Musings isn’t going to change your life…but it will make you smile. And sometimes that’s all that matters.



This is a lovely book filled with such heartfelt musings. Every reader will see something of themselves in the passages. I specifically liked “O” and “Q” the best, but all are wonderful. I’d actually recommend buying the paper version so you can have it on your coffee table. A great read!

~Romance & PNR Lover


The author has a way of storytelling that is very unique. You will laugh, you will cry, but most of all you will be better for reading this book.


Musings: Life and Love from A to Z is an alphabetical slice of life: of hopes and dreams, heartache and sadness, reflection and understanding. How at times we cannot see our own value, recognize our own strength, or even love ourselves. But it is also about making it through to the other side, forgiving our past, and remaking our future. The author shares stories, reflections, and anecdotes of life, love, guys, and pets. Through it all, retaining a positive message of empowering ourselves to create our dreams. And have a few laughs along the way.

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