What’s the story you’re clinging to? We all have stories that we’ve woven into our reality. Sometimes they’re positive and sometimes, lets just say not so much…. I’m sure you know of someone that always seems to luck into the perfect circumstance. That’s the story they’ve decided on and they create some pretty awesome synchronicities. I met a woman once who told me about how her biggest career breaks were from random meetings that she always seemed to manifest.

She would arrive in NY, not even sure where to stay. She’d meet someone in the airport that offered her ride, then a place to stay, and they would become a lifelong friend. They were extremely successful, well-connected people that could assist with life-changing opportunities—not what you’d normally expect to find when a randomly encountered person offers you a ride. This would happen regularly because she expected it, created it, and believed it was her story. One of these synchronistic meetings even led to her getting signed by a major record label. She was extremely grateful but not surprised.

What about the opposite? For example, many of us believe that money, career, day-to-day life, is a grind, a struggle. We’re constantly telling ourselves that the sorts of things that happened to this woman I described won’t happen to us—it’s just not realistic or possible. Well, guess what, then it won’t. That doubting tape running in the back of our head prevents it.

It all appears to make sense as we look at the economics of everyday life, the cost of living, etc. So we tell ourselves the story of “don’t shoot for the moon, it’s not possible” and often look at circumstances as static, unchangeable. If we try to visualize having an easy flow of money and abundance to enjoy life without the struggle, we can’t. That little voice in the back of our head has lots of pessimistic thoughts, often couched as “being realistic,” which make us doubt.

Underneath all of this negative chatter is often a belief that things won’t change, can’t change. Maybe we’re buying into a story, worldview, or way of thinking given to us by family members or society. How can we possibly change that, we wonder? Certainly we can’t, we tell ourselves.

Feeling stuck, limited by circumstance, and mired in the same scenario over and over can enforce this perception that real change is too difficult. Patterns and limiting belief systems are strong forces when we give energy to them. Instead of feeling trapped by these walls—the belief that change is not possible, try looking at things a little differently. Perhaps consider the possibility that we are here to change. We are here to learn, evolve, grow, and experience many different facets of life. We aren’t here to be static, stagnate, or trapped by limiting beliefs.

Change is what we’re here to do. Try approaching things from that attitude. Know that change is not only possible but a part of our purpose. Expect your life to have new opportunities, a steady flow of abundance, and synchronistic events. See what positive experiences you can create into being. Have fun expecting the unexpected to manifest in favorable, joyful ways. Know you aren’t locked into or trapped by any story, whether it’s from family, society, or our own creation. Don’t let stagnation and fear limit you. Know that changing out of any circumstance is possible because we’re here to evolve, experience, grow, and heal.

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